Is diet the secret to Nagano Prefecture being No.1 for Longevity in Japan?


Is diet the secret to Nagano Prefecture being No.1 for Longevity in Japan?

It's already known that Nagano Prefecture enjoys the best longevity in Japan, but it is said that eating habits are what underpin that longevity.
Fermented foods such as miso, dietary fiber such as agar and mushrooms - incorporating plenty of vegetables above all else, that is Nagano style. Nagano Prefecture is snow country in the winter but in fact it is a treasure house of agricultural produce. The reason is in the scale of temperature difference and the longitudinal topography.

Secret is terrain of Nagano Prefecture .

Nagano Prefecture has no coastline so it does not lose heat. Summer is hot and winter is bitterly cold, so in a basin area the temperature variation in a single day is very big.
Then there is the topography, which extends 212km in length. The north of Nagano Prefecture is at the same latitude as Asahikawa in Hokkaido, while the southern part is the same as Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture!! It is possible to grow many types of vegetables in one prefecture, and since olden times there have been many colorful vegetables close at hand, so is it not likely that people came to naturally sense the enjoyment of eating vegetables?
Even in the deep snow of winter many vegetables are eaten, and I will be happy to talk again about the ingenuity since ancient times of "preserved foods"  in Nagano Prefecture.

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