Hospitality, it’s a value that only people can add


"Omotenashi" (Hospitality) is a word familiar to Japanese people

This word has been incorporated in the hearts of the Japanese people unwittingly, and the well-known example was Tokyo's bid presentation for the 2020 Olympics, which I think is still fresh in our minds "
The origin of the word is "motenasu" to which the honorific prefix "o" has been added, and it has the meaning of "to achieve by having things." And another origin is the expression "hyori nashi," in other words to greet customers with a "heart" that is not two-sided.

The essence of the " Contact of Tenashi "

When people carry out a service and encounter other people, it is described as "sekkyaku" (serving people), but "omotenashi" (hospitality) takes it one step further and is more of a voluntary action that does not ask for consideration.

Yet while modest, the invisible heart is expressed through visible things. The effort to that end is not shown on the surface, and the true essence of "omotenashi" (hospitality) is that the other party is not caused unnecessary concern.
Not treating everyone the same, but tailoring your response to the other party and always thinking "how can I make them happy?" is "omotenashi" (hospitality).