Company profile

Company profile
Trade name KICHIRI & Co., Ltd.
English Name KICHIRI & Co., Ltd.
Establishment 1988,July 1st
Tokyo Head quarters 〒150-0002
12F, 1-17-2 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
TEL:03-5466-3456(Main phone) MAP
Osaka Head quarters 〒541-0052
2-3-13 Aduchimachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka
8F Osaka Kokusai bldg
TEL:06-6262-3456(Main phone/Control department) MAP
Capital 381,530,284yen
Fiscal year Every single year from July 1st to 30th June
Business Details We manage restaurants as part of the food and drink industry and offer hospitality centered around food.
With the goal of spreading our concept of "Positive Eating"
(the comfort, richnessand vitality for tomorrow that comes from propose and provide cordial hospitality.
Annual Sales 73billion,71million yen(2015,June)
69billion,13million yen(2014,June)
62billion,24million yen(2013,June)
57billion,77million yen(2012,June)
52billion,85million yen(2011,June)
49billion,95million yen(2010,June)
48billion,82million yen(2009,June)
41billion,46million yen(2008,June)
Number of employees 1,777 (as of June 2015) *Includes part-time workers
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Osaka Main Office
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd Umeda Branch
Risona Bank Osaka main office
Mizuho Bank Doujima Branch
The Senshu Ikeda Bank Hommachi Branch
Officer President & Representative Director, Masanori Hirakawa
Executive Director, Akira Kuzuhara
Director, Tetsuji Hirata
Director, Toshiharu Kimura
Standing Statutory Auditor, Jun Nagashiki
Auditor, Takuo Enoki
Auditor, Ken Inoue