Representative greetings

Aiming to create a new standard for the food service industry

We are a food service company that has been deploying our directly-managed own brand, taking advantage of our restaurant chain management platform that has been optimized by IT, and promoting a brand new type of business model: "platform sharing business."

In expanding our directly-managed own brand, we are actively developing a wide variety of business categories to suit each location and customer base, such as Japanesque Modern KICHIRI casual restaurants in front of major train stations and in downtown locations, and Ishigamaya Hamburger restaurants in station buildings and shopping malls. My vision is that as we expand the business with the management of direct sales outlets at its core, we create our own original platform, and by taking advantage of this platform we aim to collaborate with the brand content holding companies in the:

  • ① health and beauty field
  • ② fashion and entertainment field
  • ③ agriculture and livestock primary industries field

and to produce stores that provide new customer value, and to share our platform with small and medium-sized food service operators to "create a new standard for the food service industry."

My aim is to continue being a venture business that values the constant challenge of trying new things and the culture of growth and expansion, while also putting into practice our corporate philosophy of "daisuki ga ippai" (many things we love), so that by providing our own brand of hospitality we will receive everyone's support.

I look forward to your continued understanding and feedback in the future.