FOOD STUFFS こだわりが嬉しい、きちりの食材

At each Kichiri restaurant we use ingredients
that are carefully selected from all over the country to present various menus.
Please come and enjoy those occasional selected flavors.

Hakata Chicken Goishicha (Goishicha Tea) Moshio Salt (Algae Salt)
Fermented Butter Cacao Barry Chocolate Silken Tofu from Kyoto tofu maker Fujino
Peaches from Nagano Prefecture Narutokintoki (Narutokintoki Sweet Potatoes)

 Hakata Chicken

Among the domestic native species (chicken species in Japan since olden times), the most delicious are said to be Shamo and Hakata, which is descended from the Sazanami breed, with its plentiful inosinic acid that gives it its umami flavor, cross-bred with the plump White Plymouth Rock breed. You can enjoy the chewiness unique to pedigree chicken, the umami flavor increasing with every bite, and the crisp sensation of chewing the finely textured meat.

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Recommended menu items
using Hakata Chicken

Boiled whole chicken and collagen

We stick to Hakata chicken, even in the base ingredient of our soup, and this special boiled dish full of the flavor of Hakata chicken is available only at Fukuei Kumiai. You can enjoy the unique taste of chicken raised specially for this dish.”

 Goishicha (Goishicha Tea)

One of the world’s few two-stage fermented teas, it has been made since ancient times in Otoyo, deep in the mountains of Kochi Prefecture.

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using Goishicha

Goishicha Ice Cream

Goishicha has a distinctive acidity and a flavor like black tea. Ice cream that brings out the best in this tea’s flavor creates an impression of milk tea taste mixed with a distinct bittersweetness.

 Moshio Salt (Algae Salt)

Moshio contains not only magnesium and other nutrients of the sea (bittern), but also the nutritional component of seaweed including iodine, and because the concentration of salt (sodium chloride) itself is low, it has a distinctively low salt content.

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Recommended menu items
using Moshio Salt

Single broiled thigh of Hakata chicken

We broiled a single thick and juicy thigh of Hakata chicken. We are proud of this gem of a dish, with its tender meat filled with juice. Please enjoy varying the flavor by adding moshio, black shichimi pepper from Hararyokaku and powdered green pepper.

Fermented Butter

Recommended menu items
using Fermented Butter

KICHIRI special truffle butter,
served on freshly baked bread

A special truffle butter made by kneading truffles into fermented butter, a rarity in Japan. After taking your order, we serve this on freshly baked bread. Thickly spread on the warm bread, enjoy the aroma of rich truffles.

Butter made from fermented cream with a slight
yoghurt-like acidity and a distinctive strong fragrance.

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Cacao Barry Chocolate

Cacao Barry was established by Charles Barry in Paris in 1842. It already has a long history of more than 160 years. A feature of this luxury chocolate is the well-balanced and mellow flavor and aroma of its cocoa, a blend of several types of cocoa beans.

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using Cacao Barry Chocolate

Kichiri’s special chocolate fondant

The real pleasure of fondant is the moment you sink your knife into the fragrant dough, and you experience the rich, warm chocolate flowing out and the icy cold vanilla ice cream. Bittersweet fragrant hot chocolate, naturally as a dessert, also goes well with wine.

 Silken Tofu from Kyoto tofu maker Fujino

Fujino is a tofu store that has long been making delicious tofu next to the Kitano Tenmangu temple in Kyoto. It uses 100% domestic soya beans. The genuine silk tofu is full of the sweetness of soya. You can enjoy its ideal elasticity and silky texture.

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Recommended menu items
using Silken Tofu from Kyoto tofu maker Fujino

Kyoto tofu maker Fujino,
burdock, lotus root,
tofu golden sesame salad

Precisely because it is traditional Kyoto tofu, you can taste the original aroma and sweetness of soy, its smooth texture, along with the rich aroma of gold sesame. “Burdock, lotus root, tofu golden sesame salad” is a menu item that has been loved for many years in Kichiri.

Peaches from Nagano Prefecture

Juicy and smooth in texture, with an enchanting sweet smell, and an appealing appearance of delicate shades, the white peach is one of Japan’s unique fruits. And among them, many in Nagano are said to be cultivated to be slightly harder so they have an ideal mix of sourness and sweetness.

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Recommended menu items
using Peaches from
Nagano Prefecture

Azumi apple peach juice

Freshly squeezed and bottled ripe Nagano white peaches. After it goes down smoothly, your mouth is filled with the unique sweet fragrance of peaches.

 Narutokintoki (Narutokintoki Sweet Potatoes)

With their bright golden appearance narutokintoki is characterized by its hearty texture like chestnuts and its high sugar content. Because it is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin, it is also recommended for those who are interested in beauty.

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Recommended menu items
using Narutokintoki

100% narutokintoki,
freshly baked sweet potatoes
served with chestnut ice cream

This is freshly baked sweet potato made using 100% narutokintoki from Tokushima, with its hearty texture and intense sweetness. It is accompanied by the simple taste of Japanese chestnut ice cream.