The concept is an "adult's playground." Once inside, slip off your shoes and go up the stairs where you'll find things like low tables surrounded by bed seating, lounge seating where you can eat and drink on plush sofas, and swing seats made for couples to sit at the bar counter, all creating a playful high-tension space.

Swing Seats

Swinging back and forth brings out the child in us, and is sure to lead to lively conversation.

"Hands On" Casual Dining Ajito's menu, which we are proud to say has unsurpassed variety, is perfect for a date or a party. From staple snacks that anyone would want to order to unusual menu items with unrecognizable names. Enjoy an experience unique to ajito.

Over-chilled Tomat

Over-chilled Tomat When ajito makes "chilled tomato," a familiar izakaya dish, this is what you get. This menu specialty is made by hand, one by one, and served. What on earth kind of dish will emerge from the cool fog enveloping the table?

Smoked steak

Smoked steak Freshly grilled juicy lean steak, smoked in a moment right on the spot! This steak, delicious even as it is, has a powerful flavor when it encounters the smoky fragrance, and it brings out the taste of beef.

Grilled Lobster

Grilled Lobster At ajito, where you can enjoy a wide lineup of alcoholic drinks, we also have many food dishes that go well with alcohol. Canadian lobster, with its irresistibly tender meat, is grilled until golden brown. The irresistible sweetness of the lobster only seems to increase as you chew. Perfect with dry white wine.